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10 Reasons to Love Petersham

By Annette Ermini, New England Classic Homes
Petersham is a picturesque community steeped in Norman Rockwell charm.While conveniently located in central Massachusetts and just minutes from Route 2 and 122, this peaceful oasis feels worlds away.
When visiting or living in Petersham, it is akin to Mayberry with simpler times of yesteryear.The community is well preserved with historic character, pristine landscapes, wholesome activities, and kind, caring people.
A summer resort town at the turn of 1899, city folks took respite in Petersham for good times, clean air, and cool breezes.The town still retains many traditions from this bygone era including summer band concerts, picnics on the town common, and strolls through the woods. Below are 10 reasons to love Petersham today.
1. The Petersham Historic District.The historic district is located in the town center and consists of more than 40 properties.It is one of the first historic districts established in the s…

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